Arjun Rajput

Aesha Patel
2 min readSep 17, 2019

Arjun Rajput’s looks has a striking resemblance with a greek god. He is a man towering to the height of 6 feet. He has brown eyes and curly hair.He is charismatic and has an infectious personality. Arjun Rajput has the ability to sweep people off their feet.

He is very ambitious, focused and an organized person. Arjun’s clothes, his house , his packing ,everything is meticulous. Arjun is a perfectionist and a thorough gentleman.He is living very hard and fast life. He didn’t even attend his best friend’s engagement owing to work-related commitments, but somehow both of his friends Imran and Kabir convince him to come on the bacherolette. Arjun continues to remain up-tight till his fight with Imran. After his fight with Imran, he gives an outlet to his pent up angst and slowly starts easing in.

Arjun has been through a lot in his life.His father died when he was just eight, and his mother had to repay all the debts that he had left behind. His girlfriend left him as she felt that he was prioritizing money over her. He felt betrayed when his girlfriend started dating Imran. For Arjun, gaining loads of money was the only way of achieving happiness, until he meets Laila-their scuba diving instructor. Laila changes Arjun’s perception about life.

He had tears in his eyes after the scuba diving session as he felt liberated for the very first time. He shakes off the shackles when he forgives Imran for his betrayal and tells him to let it all go and jump off the plane when they go for sky diving. By the time, the trip comes to an end, Arjun had set himself free from all the trappings of life. Arjun that his friends knew before the trip was completely different from the one they saw after the trip.