Asheeq Jabeer-The man of every woman’s dream.

Aesha Patel
2 min readNov 6, 2019

Meet Asheeq Jabeer- the Nawab of Lucknow. The man who epitomizes grace, beauty, dignity and kindness. Asheeq was a man with most mesmerizing eyes in the world, the ones which have withhold pain. Mr. Jabeer’s words had the capability to sweep all the women off their feet. His demenaour, style, elegance and his wordplay were unsurmountable.

Inspite of being, infinitely talented, he was every kind and down-to-earth.

He was an assistant creative director at MTMC, one of the biggest advertising agencies in India. But as he was homosexual, chunk of employees in the agency used to tease him. Not only this, he wasn’t accepted by his family, due to his sexual orientation. In order to deal with his pain, he used to take frequent breaks from work and go on holidays.

But, he would make sure that he makes his presence felt, wherever he goes. He was a charismatic man, who had inspired a lot of people in the agency, including his boss Ms. Anushka Shroff.

He always helped Hema, Sonam, Amit, Meera, Nina and all of his juniors in the office. He didn’t hold grudges against anyone, even if the person disliked him or mocked at him. He always managed to keep himself calm. But, when Anushka was promoted as the executive director of the agency, his “samundar frame of mind” was facing a turbulence. The new creative director was very cunning and wasn’t even half as talented as Asheeq was. But, was only appointed as CD of the agency as he wasn’t homosexual and wouldn’t take frequent breaks just like Asheeq did. The new CD started playing petty games which resulted in spate of resignations. He made allegation of sexual harrassement against Asheeq, but this man didn’t sue CD, instead he submit his resignation letter and just vanished away in thin air. He tried to reach out to his close friend and boss- Anushka, but wasn’t able to. He also tried to contact the CEO of MTMC- Mr. Danish Azeem, but wasn’t able to contact him too. His friends went in search of him, but didn’t find him. He had disappeared. After a couple of days, Anushka gets a phone call and the person on that phone says Mr. Jabeer has killed himself as he wasn’t able to bear the pain. On hearing this, Anushka wasn’t but control her tears. Her favourite man in the agency had died. The man who lived with elegance, wrote beautiful poetries, whose command over languages was incredible, who was infinitely talented and was favourite of Danish died. The entire agency was in grief and the people who were responsible for his death weren’t able to face other people in the agency. Hema one of his closest friends kept on crying for days. The mentor of umpteen number of copywriters of the agency had killed himself. If a man like Asheeq, comes in my life, I will surely fall in love with him, just like everyone in MTMC did.