It’s okay to cry

Aesha Patel
2 min readAug 31, 2022


To all those people who think crying is a sign of weakness,

I know you think so, because as kids all of us were told that crying makes you feel look weak. People who cried often, were called crybabies. They were made fun of. Let me tell you one thing. Crying is way to vent your emotions. Crying is way of getting relieved of things that bog you down- things that make you feel miserable, things that ripped your heart apart, things that you thought would never happen to you.

If you stop yourself from crying, you would be bottling your emotions. Let me tell you one thing, beverages are meant to be bottled up, not human emotions. So stop bottling your emotions, stop wearing that fake smile of yours, stop acting as if nothing has happened.

Cry whenever you feel like, cry as much as you can. If you stop yourself from crying time and again, a day will come when you would not be able to cry, even if you witness something that rips your heart apart, even if you come to know that the person that you loved with all your heart, doesn’t love you back, even if your favourite character in the film that you hold closest to your heart, dies in the end.

Crying is not sign of weakness, it is a sign of strength. Strength to show the world that no matter how much it mocks at you, brings you down for crying, you will cry whenever you feel like.

Well, putting such a post on such an auspicious occassion, deems to be a bit weird. But when you feel like nobody would be able to understand your plight, when you feel like that if you tell someone about what you are going through, he/she will either not listen to you or will throw his/her judgements at you. Trust you me this has happened with me. Not once, multiple times. So here I am trying to find solace in words. Words woven with grief, disappointment, regret and the list goes on.