Kabir Sharma

Aesha Patel
2 min readSep 18, 2019

Meet Kabir Sharma-one of the most prominent figures in the journalism industry.A man with most captivating eyes in the world.He is towering to height of 6 feet. He has curly hair and a chiseled face. A man with unrivaled charm and unsormountable smartness.Kabir is a very stubborn person as he makes sure to prove his point. For people, he was a womanizer as he had an affair with his fellow journalist when he was married and after that umpteen number of rumours of his affairs were being spread. People’s perception about him changes after he saves his fellow journalist-Ananya Kashyap’s life. Both of them went together to interview Baaghi Madhaonath, where he took very good care of the lady. For Ananya, Kabir is an idol, she considers him as her hero.

Kabir is very hot-headed person and so is Ananya. Both of them mend their ways after the hostage situation where both of them were kept in house arrest for two days. Ananya and Kabir come closer after this incident. Kabir’s nature is a mere reflection of the bitter experiences he had in his life- one of them being his bitter breakup with his wife Shreya Bhagat and other being the rumour of his affair with Tarani Pal- his colleague. Everything in his life changes when he realizes that he loves Ananya. He confesses his love for her by saying her that she means the world to him and his life will be incomplete without her.

Ananya changes Kabir’s perception about life. Kabir always wanted to be the most powerful person, wanted to earn loads of money and become famous but after being in courtship with Ananya, his priorities change. There is a drastic change in Kabir. Kabir that people knew before was completely different from the one they saw after being in courtship with Ananya. Kabir is the best example of the transformation that a person undergoes when he falls in love with Ananya.