My views on Shershaah

Aesha Patel
3 min readJan 25, 2022

I happened to watch Shershaah for the second time, and was still deeply saddened while watching the scene in which Captain Vikram Batra’s funeral had been showcased. When I had watched the film for the first time, I was moved to tears, while watching the scene. I cried as if, I was witnessing funeral of a near and dear one. I, already knew the story of Captain Vikram Batra before watching the film, I just wanted to know that how the filmmakers are going to showcase this story in the form of a full-fledged film. I wasn’t expecting much from the film. But, truth be told, I loved the film.

I have heard the song, Mann Bharyaa, many times, but I still get emotional and teary-eyed whenever I listen to it. I believe, there are very few songs which have the ability to evoke emotions of a person, every time they listen to them, and Man Bharyaa, is surely one of them for me. I get emotional, every time I listen to the song.

I believe, whenever one witnesses death of person, besides the person’s dead body, a lot of things get burnt and turn into ashes, like, if the person gets martyred in war, just like Captain did, then with him, his dreams get burnt in the fire of the funeral pyre and,same thing happens to a part of each and every person whom he was close to.

I can’t imagine the plight of Captain’s to-be wife, Dimple Cheema. Before, reading Captain’s story, I used to think, that love stories wherein a person chooses not to marry, even after their beloved’s death, don’t exist in real life.

It has been more than 20 years, but she still hasn’t married anyone. She still calls herself Captain Vikram Batra’s wife. Their story in its truest sense, is “misaal” for the entire generation. If you love a person, you love them with all your heart.

A story of man who chose his country above everything, and woman who chose the man above everything. I mean, loving a person who is not in this world anymore with all your heart, is not easy. Dimple’s love for Captain was such that even his death couldn’t stop her for loving him.

The scene, wherein Captain calls at Dimple’s place after capturing point 5140, is still afresh in my mind, he tells her to buy a sherwani for him and bridal suit for her. I wonder, how would Dimple feel when she reminisces that day, especially that phone call, she received from Captain Vikram Batra.

The thought that she would get married to love of her life, after he returns back from the war would have given her a hope that she will finally get a happily ever-after. But her hope would have shattered the very minute she would have heard about Captain’s demise. I wonder how she would have come to terms with the fact that the man with whom she was talking about their marriage, couple of hours ago, had left for the heavenly abode.

My heart swells with pride, whenever I read his story or watch Shershaah. He was a man who lived by chance, loved by choice and killed by profession.

I am pretty sure, he would have lightened up the heaven with his sense of humor and would have swept the angels off their feet with his charisma.