Tribute to Sushant Singh Rajput.

Aesha Patel
4 min readJul 15, 2020

It’s been a month and I am still not able to digest the fact that the world will never be able to witness his magic onscreen. To be very frank, I wasn't an aficiando(fan) of his work. Woh kehte hai na, kuch logoki ehmiyat tab bhi samaj aati hai, jab woh hamesha ke liye hamse door chale jaate hai. Inspite of not being a huge fan of his, when I heard the news of his death I was devastated. A part of me had broken when I heard the news of his death. A man with unsurmountable energy and incredible talent had left for heavenly adobe. The day the news of his death surfaced online, I was in vehement denial. How can someone with such big dreams and aspirations in his eyes, die by suicide? Whenever I see an interview, song or movie of his, I have tears in my eyes. Same thing happened when I saw his last theatrical release. When I saw the scene where his son (Anni’s son) commits suicide, I couldn't hold back my tears. The person who taught his son to live life to the fullest, to not to succumb to any sort of pressure, to never give up; had died by suicide. A plethora of actors had died during a very short span of time, and every time this happened ,as days passed by, the cinegoers started accepting the fact that their favorite actor/actress will never be able to enchant them by their performances. But when SSR died, people were not able to fathom the fact that the man with a charming smile, infectious energy, incredible talent had died by suicide. People are demanding for CBI Inquiry as they think he didn’t die by suicide. Some people say that there some people who had conspired to kill him. Well the only thing I have to say is, if any of the news that is surfacing online related to his death conspiracy holds true, then he deserves justice. Until then, we as his fans can can raise our voice against the people who treated such a gem of a person badly when he was alive and celebrate his work. I haven’t seen all of his films, but really loved his performance in all of the films that I have watched. In his short career-span he has delivered some remarkable performances. His character in every film that I have watched of his has inspired and motivated me. So here are couple of lessons that I have learnt from Sushant’s films.

His first theatrical release taught me that one shouldn't give up on one’s passion, no matter whatsoever happens. The way Ish taught Ali inspite of knowing that he was a Muslim boy, the way he made him realize his passion, the way he fought for him till the end shows his perseverance, his determination, his belief that passion for anything in this world has the ability to transcend the boundaries created by religion and politics. He sacrificed his life in order to fulfill the dream that he had seen for Ali . That’s Ish for me in Kai Po che- fearless and extremely passionate about cricket.

The next film I saw of his was MS Dhoni-the untold story. The story that inspired me to work hard, to dream big, to keep on trying until you accomplish your goals. There will be obstacles on the journey you embark on, but you need to overcome them to reach to the final destination. That’s Mahendra Singh Dhoni for me- Hardworking and perseverant.

The last film of his that I saw was also unfortunately his last theatrical release- Chichhore. He portrayed the role of Anni-Annirudh Pathak. His character taught me that a you can only become a loser when you give up on yourself, not when people give up on you. He taught me that even if you fail in achieving something for which you gave your blood, sweat and tears(not literally, metaphorically) you need to get up, pull up your socks and try again. Sometimes even after toiling for months people fail, but instead of giving up they try again. Sometimes its not about winning or losing, it’s just about giving your best. That was Anni for me- smart, ambitious, perseverant and full of life.

Besides learning from the characters he has portrayed onscreen and hoping that he gets justice, we can learn to be passionate, to be kind and above all to be hopeful that one day all the efforts that all of us have put in accomplishing our respective goals are not going to go in vain. Life is not just about winning or losing, it is about celebrating, having fun , working hard and living each day to the fullest. To all those people whose hearts have been broken by someone, whose dreams have been shattered, please don’t surrender; there’s something better, something bigger waiting for you in the future. Just have patience and keep on facing hardships with a smile on your face and belief in your heart that there will be a day in your life when everything will fall into place. Jab Kabhi bhi Asmaan mai timtimaate taaro ko dekho, to jo sabse zyada chamakta sitara ho, woh Sushant Singh Rajput hoga.